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Caravan Valeting Rushden Auto Glym

Professional Caravan Valeting Prices

We have our experienced caravan valeter who visits our site. Barry has over 15 years of experience in valeting and gives a very professional service. His charges are as follows:



Wash for £30.00 (£45.00 first wash of the season).

This includes treatment with caravan film remover, an all-over wash
(including the roof) with bodywork shampoo by hand, wheels cleaned, tyres
dressed and then chamois dried by hand.


Wax £2.00
Per linear foot This has to be after the above wash so that the
surface is clean, using Auto Glym Super Resin Polish on all four sides, buffed
to a gloss shine. (The roof and the A-frame are not included)


Interior £35.00

This includes all hard surfaces cleaned, flooring,
bathroom, kitchen, hob and exterior oven. We do not use any form of
wet shampoo or carpet cleaner, should you require a deeper clean we
would be happy to quote.


Contact Barry Marsh on 07890 054885 for further details.


Barry is also happy to offer this service to non-storage customers..

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